March 18, 2009

mark your calendars

Daisy's back!

and this shit is NOT to be missed! i'll be honest, i was skeptical when i heard a "Daisy of Love" was in the works because a. Rock of Love Bus has gone so far beyond ridiculous that it's not even good anymore and b. i'm having a hard time grasping yet another reality show spin-off stemming back from the Surreal Life with Brigitte and Flava Flav. let's see how many i can remember:

Surreal Life Season 3
Strange Love
Flavor of Love
I Love New York
Rock of Love
Real Chance of Love
Charm School - Rock of Love
Charm School - Flavor of Love
Daisy of Love
My Fair Brady
I Love Money
For the Love of Ray J
A Shot of Love with Tila Tequila

seriously? that's freaking ridiculous. AND i'm sure i missed one or two.

ANYWAY. i came across the Vh1 blog entry for the Daisy of Love and i was instantly hooked. these dudes are AWESOME. annnnd 12 Pack is back for more action! god damn he is desperate!

check out pics of all the contestants here! props to Vh1 for continually finding such love to hate `em contestants. i mean, half the fun of watching this garbage is the realization that there are so many people in the world who look and act like these people - AND they think they're cool. amazing.

hopefully we'll see more weird muppet-like hand-over-mouth blubbery crying from Daisy "may or may not be related to Oscar" De La Hoya


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