June 4, 2009

trim the bush

this lovely little vid from Gillette explains to guys "How To Shave Your Groin". i'm not sure if watching it amuses me or makes me feel uncomfortable. i'm definitely entertained by the phrase "trim the bush to make the tree look taller" because what dude isn't going to fall for that and promptly run out to buy some Gillette? but men, be advised that no matter how you dress it up, it's still going to be small in the dark.


June 3, 2009

ohhh kelly clarkson


i feel kind of terrible commenting on this because i am, of course, a woman and it's my belief that 99.9% of women have been self conscious of their weight at least once in their life, if not frequently in their lives. that being said, this weight gain goes beyond Jessica Simpson "fat" (which was ridiculous) and i'm not writing this post just to say Kelly is fat (which she is) but to say WTF?!?!

if nothing else, this is just UNHEALTHY. i mean, what are you eating to have gained that much weight in a year? i tend to put on weight when i'm poor or trying to save money (aka right now) because let's get real, Ramen is much cheaper than soup and a salad from NY luncheries. also, when in your final semester of college and your money has dried up and your parents are 200 miles away so they can't stop you from replacing a healthy meal with a jar of peanut butter and a 6-pack of PBR pounders, you tend to get fat. or when you're living in Brooklyn at the start of your first "real" job and your rent cost more than your paycheck and your impending student loans are giving you nightmares while you sleep in a bed that takes up half the space in your 5x7 room, you tend to get fat...

i digress.

but seriously Kelly, WTF?!?!!? sure your last album was terrible and you fought with Clive Davis and insisted upon its release anyway and then it inevitably tanked but i'll be damned if "Since U Been Gone" doesn't fucking rule and get played on the radio still. I KNOW you can afford to eat a salad now and again.

so seriously Kelly, do it for your arteries. i honestly don't want to see you with Type 2 diabetes before your 30th birthday. pull yourself together lady.

more photos via Just Jared


June 1, 2009

vacation, staycation

ahhhh Monday back after my vacation to nowhere. how did i spend my vacation, you ask? and the answer would be "doing nothing". unless you consider stuffing my face as doing something. and i do.

highlights of the week:

(*see disclaimer)

mmmm i can't decide what was the yummiest but i can tell you what was the most amusing....

full blown wasabi freak out! hilarious.

(*I'm a Pat's steaks kind of gal but the line was horrendous and when you're super hungry and the Geno's line across the street is staring back at you in all of it's shortness, it's kind of hard to pass up. what can i say? i'm a fat girl and it was way past my feeding time.)

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