June 11, 2009

the time has come to say goodbye

Goodbye Deep Focus,

Goodbye New York,

Goodbye Philadelphia,

Helllooooo Washington, DC!

this is officially the last time i post from the comfort of my work desk. after three long years of Deep Focus-ing and blogging from NY, the time has come for me to embark on a new chapter of my life.

i've been working on this thing called "living" and "being happy" so my decision to move was an easy one. sure, there's the whole "what are you going to do when you get there??" factor which is a completely valid question. and i'm not the kind of person to pick up and move with little to no security but hey, i had a birthday yesterday: i'm a brand new woman!

next time i write, it will be from the comfort of my amazing new apartment in the beautiful Maryland suburbs of DC. my time not blogging will be spent mocking Maryland crab jokes, rooting for the Nats when they're not playing the Phils, lounging around the pool and playing tennis in my apartment complex, celebrating the end of my 14 hour workdays by walking dogs as a source of income, bonding with my ginger cat, discovering new crockpot recipes and putting my new spice rack to use, joining a softball league, not letting my golf clubs get dusty, not allowing my laundry to pile up and planting large smooches on my manfriend when he least expects it!

let the living begin!

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