November 11, 2006

saturday morning in greenpoint

well the sun was gracious enough to let me sleep until 10 today. i finally dragged myself out of the house around 11 with the hopes of shipping my ipod back to those jerks at apple. does anyone else think it's absurd that you have to send your ipod back to apple out of your own pocket because your already expensive piece of equipment decides to flake on you? well luckily enough for me my dad found the two-year warranty that was purchased along with this evil little life accessory a mere two weeks before the warranty expires. good job dad. you almost blew it.

speaking of my dad, he was scheduled to be in lovely State College, Pennsylvania today at my alma mater, Penn State where they will be playing a god awful football team by the name of Temple. the sad part is, i'm not sure if the 2006 Oranage Bowl champs will be able to beat the said god awful team because the Nittany Lions just aren't playing up to par. no that's not true. they are playing up to par...they just suck. and our beloved Joe Paterno is on the injured list. godspeed, JoePa.

now back to my attempt at salvaging my ipod. it seemed like today would be a good day: i was out of my pjs at 11 which is practically unheard of for me. even if i venture out before 12 (or sometimes after 12) on a saturday, i at least stay in some form of my pjs. but not today. i was fully dressed. i even put on a bra.

i went around the corner for some morning fuel. a medium coffee and sesame seed bagel (they were out of everything bagels, erg!) with cream cheese from Dunkin' Donuts. america runs on dunkin'. i then meandered down to rite aid and purchased some grown up things. cleaning supplies, aluminum foil, and a bubble mailer to ship the `pod. i then continued around the block to the post office where i find a "we're sorry. we will be closed Saturday November 11th for Veteran's Day" sign posted to the entrance. VETERAN'S DAY WAS YESTERDAY YOU LAZY BASTARDS. still confused, i checked my phone to ensure that today was in fact Saturday November 11th. to my disappointment, my phone reitterated that there was no chance of me getting in the doors of that post office anytime today. welp, there's always next saturday...but NO. i'll be back in PA next saturday and my parents' house doesn't have windows strategically placed towards the rising sun to disturb my slumber. there's no way i'll be awake in time to make it. and going during the week is clearly out of the question because my hours of employement are enough to rival malaysian sweat shops.

at least it's absolutely gorgeous out. so when i go to the park for a jog, there's sure to be a million lean-cut bodies already there so that i can feel like more of a fatty. maybe i'll just jog with a cigarette in my mouth so that i can really stand out like a sore thumb.


November 10, 2006

donde la musica?

let's talk about music, shall we? let's take gwen stefani. just a girl. just a girl that is NOTHING without her band.


what the fuck is this?! who in their right mind told gwen it was okay to steal channel the essence of julie andrews in the sound of music ?? was it your manager, gwen? your publicist? your record label?! whoever is responsible for this should be handed a pink slip. immediately. come to think of it, the fact that gwen has a second solo album altogether is a crime. i'm not gonna lie, i was totally excited to buy Love. Angel. Music. Baby. but i will also be the first to admit that it was not a good album. hollaback girl? despite popular opinion, that was NOT a good song. infectious? absolutely. but it must be noted that "infectious" doesn't exactly have the best connotation. and i'm pretty sure if gwen didn't have pharrell williams on her side, she wouldn't have had a product so easily marketable.

oh gwen. gwenny gwen gwen. stop obsessing over gavin (it makes us uncomfortable. you're married to the guy. you won. now let it go) hire a babysitter for little Kingston, go find Adrian, Tony, Tom and maybe a couple of those trumpet players and give us spiderwebs ! i wouldn't even mind listening to underneath it all for the seven hundreth thousand time if that meant you would stop making solo albums.

let's shift from solo albums to sophomore albums. oh the dreaded sophomore album. let's first talk about two of my favorite albums ever:
Fever to Tell by The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Get Lifted by John Legend.

both are albums that i totally respect in the fact they are the kind of albums you can just listen to all the way through. in fact, they're the kind of albums you prefer to listen to all the way through. i'm not sure what it is--maybe the way the songs flow together, maybe because you can't turn it off, you're totally used to listening to one song come after another--whatever the reason, they're great albums. both have an eccletic mix of songs and can put you in a mood. you know how music can do that? it can get you pumped up, or make you feel sexy or make you feel sad or just do something to make you feel...

well let's consider the follow-ups to both of these albums.
Show Your Bones--"Gold Lion": kind of someone sucked the life out of Karen O. the Karen O. screeching is the only catchiness in the song and even that sounds half assed. i'll admit, i do like the song but the first single is awfully safe for the follow up to an album that didn't take the safe road whatsoever. "Cheated Hearts"? Good song. Good song that could have easily been done exactly the same by Ms Gwen. And "Dudley"? i have absolutely nothing nice to say about that song? what ever happened to "No No No", "Black Tongue" and "Date With the Night"?? This is just a safe album full of Maps.

now i want to move on to John Legend's Once Again but to be completely honest, i've only listened to it all the way through a couple times. i really like the first single "Save Room" but the album seems to also be cursed by taking the safe route. out of fairness and love for John, i will wait to tear apart review this album after i become more familiar with it.

other (major label) sophomore slumps i look forward to shitting on*:
Fall Out Boy
Gnarls Barkley
Damien Rice

*take note that i plan on verbally attacking these albums not because i'm a hater but because i LOVED their debuts and i only hope that they prove me wrong.

this concludes my pitiful friday night. i'm gonna have another drink, smoke another cig and probably pass out only to be awaken at precisely at 9am--when the sun comes POURING through my window to violate whatever anti-sun bodily function it is that keeps me sleeping.

tomorrow i start my new work-out regime because the curse of the cubicle is causing me to gain weight in places that i never thought would get fat. erg!


the official begining

so here it is...i've started a blog. i'm sure the only people who might read this are people who know me and know me well but you never can be too sure so i'll start by introducing myself.

my name is Sara-no-h and i'm 22. i come from a relatively normal family. well, we used to be normal: lower-middle class, tight knit, lots of love and ambition and hard work. a mom, a dad, a younger daughter (emily), an older daughter (sara)...and you might think it ends there but normalcy went out the window some years ago...probably around the time of my junior year of high school when my grandma and uncle had to move in on us and take over the already small house. if that wasn't enough, we have 4 dogs. and when i say 4 dogs, i don't mean 4 yorkshire terriers. i mean 4 very medium sized Australian Shephards. then we have a handful of rodents--3 guinea pigs and a hamster--and a couple of neglected beta fish. the ecosystem currently taking over my house is partially the reason for my overachievement. i knew that setting up my life there post-college graduation would doom me to a miserable and claustraphobic existence (little did i know that my current situation would make that look like a paradise--but we'll save that for another day)

i have my BA in public relations and advertising...i'm currently a publicist at an interactive markerting agency. my company was actually just nominated for its first Emmy. that's right, i didn't know the Emmy's gave away awards for advertising either. the nomination is for some super nerdy category, "Outstanding Achievement in Advanced Media Technology for the Non-Synchronous Enhancement of Original Television Content", yeaaa i can't even read it all the way through without getting bored and losing interest but it has to do with some crap we did last year involving HBO's The Sopranos and Google maps...use your imaginations. ANYWAY we specialize in online entertainment marketing. which has it's pros and cons.
-seeing films months before they premiere
-limited interaction with clients
-seeing how excited Joe Schmoe gets when i give him an autographed Bill Maher book
-sitting bare-foot in my cubicle, scratching my butt and uploading video content to YouTube
-working until 10 o clock to keep up with those LA folks. coke snorting assholes.

i guess i never really transitioned into my whole new york situation but i guess that semi-explains it. my company is based in DUMBO, Brooklyn (soon to be manhattan because of a dramatic company size increase) so that's where i've been for the past 6 months. i live in brooklyn. i live in a two bedroom apartment (with a roommate) on the second floor of a little house on a little street. i'm not at all a fan of where i am right now (hence the whold "cranky girl in brooklyn" thing) and new york is sure to be the downfall of sara.

which brings me to why i'm starting this blog.
1. i need something constructive to do with my time because i'm too broke to afford a life.
2. i talk a lot and i drink a lot. and i especially talk a lot after a couple drinks and therefore feel the need to express myself
3. i would like to stay up-to-date with all my old friends and aquaitances. it may seem as if i'm doing all the sharing without reciprocation but the point is that i may say something to spark some interest of coversation and in that case, feel free to say so.
4. working in the entertainment market often leaves me with a plethora of gossipy nonsense that i feel inclined to share
5. i'm hoping that the chronicals of my life will give me some kind of structure and/or a clear reflection of my time spent in new york.

okay, that is all for my introductory post. i swear on all of the gods that any posts to come will be 1/4 the length of this one. actually, that might be a lie so i won't make any promises.


microphone check: one-two, one-two

well hello crazy cyber world...

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