January 6, 2007

what is going on?

in an effort to discourage the disgustingness above, the modeling industry has supposidly been cracking down on "too skinny" models.

the 2006 Madrid fashion show turned down 30% of models who showed up looking TOO too thin. (all the mediocre-ly too thin models were ok though). CBS news reports that Italy's government and fashion industry officials are also cracking down in a campaign against anorexic models. they are turning attention towards "full-bodied" mediterranean beauties (translation: size 2) and adding larger sizes to their collections so that young women can see that "bigger can also be beautiful".

so in rare cases, bigger CAN BE beautiful. but not likely. especially if you're european.

so in an effort to fatten up the model community and the self confidence of young women everywhere, the fashion industry also gave us this little gem:


it all seems very contradictory, no? maybe i'm just biased because of my absurd weight gain the past year. but even in my most tip top shape, i could NEVER ever pull off "skinny jeans". i mean, it says it right in the name! SKINNY. skinny isn't even a healthy term. i wouldn't call someone skinny to their face unless i was trying to insult them. i prefer to the word "thin". it has a much nicer connotation.

but regardless, i have muscles. and curves. and 10 extra pounds that i would gladly quit trying to work off if the alternative was looking like these sick girls.

goodbye 2006
goodbye skinny jeans
goodbye 10 extra pounds
goodbye bobble heads

hello 2007
hello THINNY jeans
hello being healthy
hello paolo nutini


January 5, 2007

so truthful it's scary

just a typical day in the office. minus the accents. seriously.


January 3, 2007


anyone who can appreciate this is 'ok' in my book.


January 2, 2007

if my word wasn't good enough

i'll quote an email from my boss

I wanted to thank every one for their hard work on the Pan’s Labyrinth campaign. The film opened HUGE for Picturehouse this weekend. It brought in $750,000 on just 17 screens. That’s a per screen average of almost $40,000!!! Amazing!

And the best news is that 50% of users polled as they left the theater cited the internet as the main driver!!! That’s an awesome accomplishment that is absolutely a testament to the hard work everyone at Deep Focus put in.

If you haven’t seen the film yet – GO SEE IT! It’s amazing. It will be opening in more theaters on the 12th and then everywhere the 19th. Tell your friends. Tell your family. Blog about it – just keep the momentum moving.


THAT'S CRAZY! not to mention our doings raked in half of the viewers. so you can just take your print and television ads and shove `em

go see the damn movie!

and while you're at it:
**If you haven’t friended our myspace profile – what are you waiting for???

**Or uploaded your sketches to the sketchbook site? Do it! Or just comment on some of the ones already up there!~

**And listen to the soundtrack. Seriously – it’s amazing.

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