February 16, 2007

What What (In The Butt)

I'm not quite sure what to make of this. However i almost spit out my burrito when he did the American Beauty thing. Mena Suvari style.


pan's labyrinth haters

i'm really annoyed with people who are disappointed with the film because they brought along their, now traumatized, young children.

first of all, it's rated R. IT'S RATED R!! that should have been your first clue to not bring young children.


i'm sorry, but this guy was haunting my dreams before i even saw the film.

third, if you saw the guns, and creepy fauns, and evil Facists in the trailer, and still decided this was a family film, then you are too stupid to pass judgment on the film's quality. so go away. there are plenty of other critics who can come up with legitimate reasons as to why they disliked the film. stop wasting our time with your nonsensical opinions.


okay, just one more!

because i LOVE moose (mooses? meese?)

if ben really loved me, he would have sent me this instead.


fortune cookie says...

Your life will be happy and peaceful

which i, for one, find quite fitting for this particular upcoming week and the changes it will bring. wink wink.


February 14, 2007

vee dee

the beauuuutiful roses i received at work today...

...i love him.

okay yuck. gross. no more valentine's mush.

so i'll leave you with this photo of all the snowy yuck yuck in the west village this afternoon.

why was i in the west village, you say? well, i was screening a film. it's called Gracie and it's gonna be a huge hit with moms and their teenage daughters. like all my films, i'll plug it shamelessly once i get some assets. something for you to look forward to, right? yay.


February 13, 2007

love is in the air

happy valentine's day, lovers!



festa fever...

...was fun.

it's contagious!

it was soooooo good to see everyone.

happy birfday joey and mikey!!


February 12, 2007

see the damn movie

and play with the widget

the wiiiiidget!

in theaters February 23rd, 2007. yay!

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