February 23, 2007

naked news

yesterday i had a record breaking number of you visit my blog. in fact, there were 56 page views from yesterday alone. that probably has no meaning to you but on a typical day, there's only about 8 of you losers who check out my blog. so 56 from 8 is a pretty big deal.

i'm not really sure the reason for this but chances are it's bald britney or naked ben. and considering bald britney is pretty much ALL over the web, i can only conclude that the recent resurgence is in part due to naked ben. i find this equal parts hilarious and alarming.

never the less, if it's naked you want, it's naked you will get.


February 22, 2007

highlight of my day

thank you, STEREOGUM!


happy birthday George Washington

i'd like to take this moment to wish George Washington a happy 275th birthday.

good ole, George--our first president and founding father. he has forged the way for other great douchebags leaders such as Richard Nixon and George Dubbya.

most notably george washington kicked the British out of Boston, posed dramatically for a portrait while crossing the Delaware, and fathered illegitimate children with his black slaves.

george washington, we salute you.

i for one can vouche, that the delaware river is most definitely as treacherous as depicted here. NOT.


hot trekki



if this video didn't circulate around your office a couple weeks ago, then you need to find somewhere cooler to work.

now it's been brought to my attention (courtesy of Bobby O) that the fun doesn't stop with Shoes.



February 21, 2007

breakfast at tiffany's, cabbage patch kids, Culture Club...

Harry and the Hendersons was on tonight.

it made me laugh. it made me cry. it made me long for the 80s--oh wait, the 80s already came back.

in a really bad way.

damn, what a disappointment.

never the less, this movie was grrrreat.

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