April 3, 2007

my cyber twin

ask her a joke. seriously. or ask her about george w. bush. ask if she wants to get naked! i don't care...anything goes!


otters in love

the best part is at about 1 min and 20 seconds in.


i'm not alone!


Perez Hilton

And just for the record, earlier this week Vote for the Worst was SHUT DOWN from "unknown" circumstances. I bet Blake Lewis's life that it was the bastards at Fox who hacked the site.

Howard Stern

even that fat ass who was fasting has given up the cause and eaten her weight in burritos. (actually, i'm only assuming that last part is true)

yay for Sanjaya!!


April 2, 2007

for kate

okay seriously. i tried. i've spent a significant amount of time scouring youtube to try and see what exactly it is about this kid that everyone is raving about. but come ON. watch him dance around. you know you were laughing at the kid who busted out these moves at the high school dance.

such a loser.


easter weekend

i think it's kind of fucked up that i don't have any days off for the Easter holiday. Easter being the holiest of Christian holidays - not that i'm at all religious - so i've decided that i fully plan on taking advantage of Passover in subsequent years citing my favorite little Jew (ben) as a legitimate reason to not work.

anyhow, i used a vacation day to take off Easter monday...not because i'm celebrating Easter in a traditional matter but because Sunday is the one year anniversary of me and ben getting drunk, and making out. and for all you jerks who think you know me better than that, we did in fact, ONLY make out on that fateful night. mainly because i was all tangled up in a toga and ben was too plastered to find a way too tactfully get it off. and partly because i'm a lady. ha! no nevermind, we'll just stick to the toga excuse.

so cheers to me and ben not sleeping with other people for an entire year.

love you, babe!


vote sanjaya!

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