May 1, 2007

a message to Amy Winehouse

dear amy,

i love your new album. i think it's utterly fabulous. i've been listening to it on repeat and i might be borderline obsessed. i hear good things about your first album too but that was never released in the U.S. and i refuse to pay international shipping. i hope you understand. so considering my undying affection for you, i hope you understand the following statement and take it not in vein.

for christ sake amy, please come to terms with the fact that you are ugly and you have a big scary face that no amount of starvation will cure. i am willing to tolerate the nappy beehive and the heinous eyeliner that you insist on rocking in order to deter from the fug, but i can not take you seriously if you continue to walk around looking like this:

i also think it's quite cruel that your anorexia enjoys hanging out with chubby girls. and kelly osbourne at that.

for the love of god, eat a hamburger and embrace your chipmunk cheeks.


April 30, 2007


it PAINS me what a loser Pete Wentz is.

my favorite line is
"when you're a guy, you really don't want your makeup to look perfect"

here's a thought: when you're a guy, you really SHOULDN'T BE WEARING MAKE UP AT ALL.

and how about his claim of people being bothered when he doesn't wear eyeliner? ummmm, if anyone is bothered by pete's lack of guyliner, raise your hand. anyone? yeah, that's what i thought.

pete is also the kind of guy who owns man-leggins in every color. but his favorite pair are "salmon".

somebody needs to tell pete that he's the BASS player in FALL OUT BOY. and nothing about being a bass player in a pop band warrants such pompous, narcissistic behavior.

People Magazine should be ashamed of themselves for featuring pete as one of their "beautiful people". the man doesn't need any more ego crammed into that egg-shaped head of his. ew.


Eagles and Penn State

my beloved Birds just drafted Tony Hunt! sure, he's no Austin Scott (yum) but he's still Penn State alumn and an Orange Bowl champ.

The Eagles also drafted some douchebag QB but we're not gonna talk about that. long live Donovan.


Advertising fun

this is an older ad but it's worth sharing if you haven't seen it. i actually used this as one of my favorite ads in a comprehensive project i had to hand in for my advertising class way back in the day. or way back during junior year.

anyway, i just found out that Gene Kelly actually went to Penn State for a short period of time before dropping out to help his family and their finances. damn you, 1929 and your economic hardships. gene kelly later enrolled at University of Pitt. my arch nemesis. he was also born in pittsburgh. ew.

disclaimer: YES. i am aware that this is not actually gene kelly dancing. duh.

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