August 3, 2007


i've been trying to ignore this video because i totally hate it but the time has come for me to make some sort of statement. chances are you've seen this video in the past week or so. if not, i guess that makes you a better person than me.

meet Tay Zonday: a 12-year-old boy or a 35-year-old lesbian? You make the call.

now hear my lover's take on the song HERE

and just for fun, meet JUAN MAYER:



July 31, 2007

cheerleader man

we all know Hayden Panettiere is the cute little cheerleader from Heroes who also has a number of film credits to her name such as, Bring It On: All or Nothing, Raising Helen, and Ice Princess. no, none of us know how to actually pronounce her name and yeah, "she's hot". fine. i get it. But does ANYBODY else think she's built like a man? broad shoulders, no hips, flat chest. i mean, wtf?

what ever happened to traditional opinions of yester year when the hottest bods were curvy with some junk?

those 14th century guys are hot.


Phillies v. Pirates

Went to the game on Sunday. Phillies obviously beat the Pirates because Philadelphia trumps Pittsburgh any day. duh.

L-R: lauren, elton john, steph

and you can bet your balls a torrential thunderstorm didn't ruin our tailgate.

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