November 1, 2007

Deep Focus Halloween

you are only cool if you were one of the people who dressed up for work yesterday.

Cristin, in particular, was super hardcore about being Angela from The Office. the AMERICAN version for all you snobs.

i also came to the realization that all those years of softball did nothing for my Pinata whacking skillz.



and here i thought MY dogs were awesome

i'm not 100% sure about the origin of this flier but i have most certainly been humbled by the realization that there is such an awesome dog in existance.

please bow down to the most awesome dog ever.


October 30, 2007

tonight's the night! (10/31)

no, not halloween...BETTER HALF!

if you're not doing wonderfully halloweeny things this evening, tune in to Bravo's Better Half at 10pm.

on tonight's episode, you might catch a glimpse at a hair model named SARA (that's me!)

here's a preview

lame right? but that's not the point. the point is that everybody watches so we can all have a collective laugh at me getting my hairs chopped. yay


October 28, 2007

halloween nonsense

Sara Ott's best costume winners. vote submissions are unnecessary. whatever i say, goes.

Best Couple Costume

Sam and her boyfriend as Jenny and Forrest

Most Realistic Costume
Unknown girl as Angelina Jolie

Best Mohawk and Best Wings

Festa as the guy from Taxi and Katie as a Ladybug

Best 80s Costume

Sabrina and Kaitlin

Best Non-synthetic fabric Costume(s)
Me, Steph and Lauren as Amy Winehouse, Dinosaur and Britney Spears

Best Costume of the Night
Joe and Ken as Justin and Andy in "Dick in a Box"


Publicist dinner

here are some belated pics from our PR department dinner.

location: ALOE, East Village, NYC

on a scale from 1 to 10 with 1 being humble and 10 being pretentious, this place was an 8.5


pretentious taquito

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