November 17, 2007

Not all Rumers are bad. Or are they?

holy sweet mother of god. just when i thought it was bad enough, i find this truly frightening image.

man. to think i was just settling down to go to bed. now i'm going to have horrible nightmares of that dress and those fishnets and that wig. oh the horror!


November 14, 2007

freshman douchebaggery

speaking of College Humor and Penn State, check out this classy vintage pic of my lover.

this is obviously BS. Before Sara.

let this be a lesson to all you freshmen. ask yourself if you really want the antics of your freshman year cemented in college humor archives for all of eternity. actually, nevermind. that probably sounds really fucking rad to you right now. be advised. it is not.


my education officially trumps yours

College Humor has published their prestigious Power Rankings to determine the best college EVER.

Welcome to CollegeHumor's annual Power Rankings -- an index of the top
colleges in the US for having the maximum amount of fun while putting forth the least amount of effort.

Should you base your choice of where to go to school entirely off this list? Of course you should.

(click on the picture to see the hi-res version)

the people have spoken. what else can i say?




Amusement teaser trailer

do you love horror movies? of course you do. check out the teaser trailer for AMUSEMENT. the film stars Keir O'Donnell. you know him as the gay brother from Wedding Crashers who paints the awesome picture of Vince Vaughn. strangely enough, it seems he has little to zero presence in this teaser. whatev.



beauty at its finest

behold the hotness that is Rumer Willis aka Demi Moore and Bruce Willis celebuspawn.

seriously, words can't describe how hot this sack of potatoes is. the jay leno chin, the flaring nostrils, the creepy smile reminiscent of The Joker - she's basically got the whole package.

not to mention - i can barely contain my excitement - she will be this year's Miss Golden Globe!!! try not to choke on your cheerios at the thought of this. actually, try not to throw up your cheerios while you're pleasantly watching the awards and are greeted with the image above. you've been warned.


November 13, 2007

Jeep Commercial

Lina: Hey, have you ever seen that commercial with the guy in the Jeep and the squirrel that runs in and starts singing with him?
Sara: hmmm...nope, no idea what you're talking about.
Lina: Oh it's pretty funny but the song is one of those really catchy and annoying songs. It reminded me of you.

so sweet of her. but i've actually never heard this song in my life. however, i kind of fell in love with the commercial.

Viva Jeep!


November 12, 2007

3 times the fun!

john mayer



what could be better than seeing John Mayer perform three times with three different bands (albeit one of those bands being him by himself). i mean honestly, this is like my wet dream.

one day he'll be mine!

ps. peep john and his slutty girlfriend, Minka at a Knicks game on Sunday. and of course by "slutty" i mean "adorable". i hate her.


2 Guys 1 Cup

if you are one of the unfortunate souls who have seen "Two girls, one cup" then you will probably find this parody amusing.

John Mayer is so on my "list". yeah you know what list i'm talking about.

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