December 7, 2007

A place for friends

last night was the Fox Interactive Holiday Party.

highlights from this party include

- being denied entry by a mondo-bitch behemoth of a woman
- waving and popping the finger at mondo-bitch behemoth woman when she saw us walking around the party later on
- successfully pissing off celebrity DJ (and ex-lover of Lindsay Lohan) Samantha Ronson by harassing the shit out of her and requesting "Toxic"
- taking warm shots of vodka from a warm ice luge
- cutting a rug to THE CORY dance known to most of America as The Twist

this is cristin trying to get Samantha Ronson to go to an after party with us. Sam's excuse? "i'm going to go visit my friend's new baby". almost random enough to be true but most likely not considering babies normally aren't still up partying at midnight.

peace out, sam ronson. peace out...

Thanks Fox Interactive!
Rotten Tomatoes

and a big old FUCK YOU to the bitchy publicist MANing the guest list at the front door.


December 4, 2007

more holiday gift ideas

hopefully Tickle Me Emo isn't as hard to come by as the regular Tickle Me Elmo.


December 3, 2007

hot mess

wouldn't you LOVE to wake up to this face every morning? geeeez that husband of hers in a lucky lucky man.

Wino, pull yourself together lady.

December 2, 2007

it's cold outside

a holiday clip to celebrate the first snow of the winter season.

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