December 30, 2008

elephants and squirrells and caps, oh my

i was in total tourist mode this weekend and was really pissed off when i took out my camera to find the battery was dead. grrr. luckily phones have cameras, unluckily it makes my weekend look bizarre.


December 24, 2008

happy holidays!

i tried photoshopping a holiday cheer speech bubble onto this picture from my modeling days but my mac is retarded and i don't know how to use the version on this computer. and by "modeling" i mean i had an amateur photographer friend who referred to it as that so i'd feel special enough to pose. i mean, let's get real...i'm too short and fat and retarded for that shit.


yay Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa (seriously, what the fuck is that?) and new years (my fave!)

since i'm not obligated to work until the 5th (despite the fact i'll be working from home a couple days because i have a damn project coming out this friday) i'm taking a mini bloggin hiatus to spend time with family and friends. yay holidays!

have a great couple weeks...see you in 2009. ew, weird.


December 19, 2008

lily allen does britney spears

this is who should have originally released "Womanizer". i don't really like this song - even though i find myself with the chorus in my head constantly - but i like this version.

i'm surprised Lily Allen would even cover Brit Brit. Lily's the biggest shit talker in the world and i would bet my entire life's savings (don't worry it's less than a grand) that's she's called Britney a "talentless prat" or said that "baby one more time" is "complete bollocks".


they grow up so quick!

and then there were two...

Crosby (formally known as Phil) and Layla - 12 weeks old


fat cat of the day

something tells me this cat would enjoy sledding

also, what kind of crazy box is that? some kind of diet cambodian green tea 7-up? and if they're so health conscious, maybe they should consider making that kitty cat lay off the meow mix.


December 18, 2008

eff you, animal

introducing the greatest blog to surface since Stuff White People Like....

adorable critters AND passive aggressive cyber bullying? this shit is right up my ally.

Fuck you, Penguin is a blog dedicated to telling cute animals "what's what". this person literally curses off animals and for some reason it cracks me up.


Hey Prairie dog, I didn't realize donuts were native to the grasslands of North America! You're so fat, you make a capybara look like an African pygmy mouse!

Seriously, though, Prairie dog. You are really fat. This makes it very difficult for me, because the fact that your feet aren't touching the ground and your arms are kind of hanging down on your fat folds is fucking cute as shit. Am I supposed to feel bad for you? Is this what you wanted, Prairie dog? Damn you and your scheming ways.

ahhhh the internet. one day i'll come up with some brilliant blog idea and become an offical online sensation for a month and a half. because that's the average shelf life of an online sensation. until i turn it into a skanky reality show.


EON: Dragoneye Reborn

i was going to tell you to go buy this book for any teenage SciFi/Fantasy book-readers you still need a holiday gift for BUT since this comes out the day after xmas, it gets a little tricky.

SO, if you *ARE* a teenage SciFi/Fantasy book reader or even an adult SciFi/Fantasy enthusiast, use one of your inevitable gift cards to go buy this book the day after xmas.

this is author Alison Goodman's first book and she' been working on it for 10 years as she traveled to Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapre to realistically re-create Ancient China. She also trained in Tai Chi in order to create the mythical fighting style portrayed in the book - which is pretty fucking rad.

On December 26th, 2008 Penguin Young Readers Group is proud to present the release of


By Alison Goodman

Find Your Dragon Within

Under the harsh regime of an ambitious master, young Eon is training to become a Dragoneye, the human link to an energy dragon's power. His intensive study of Dragon Magic, which is based on the Chinese zodiac, involves two kinds of skills: sword-work and magical aptitude. Eon is lamed, and lacks the physical strength of his fellow trainees, but his unnaturally strong connection to the energy dragons helps him rise above the rest.

In a spectacular sequence of events, Eon is thrust into the heart of a lethal struggle for the Imperial throne. In this new, treacherous world of hidden identities and uneasy alliances, Eon faces a vicious enemy who covets the young Dragoneye’s astounding power, and will stop at nothing to make it his own. But Eon is playing a dangerous game: he is in fact Eona, a young woman whose true identity must remain hidden, for discovery would mean instant death.

Inspired by the rich myths and traditions of Ancient China, shimmering with energy dragons, filled with dazzling swordplay and fraught with tension, this is a fast-paced, exhilarating page-turner.

Written by Alison Goodman
Hardcover, Viking Books
Ages 12 and up/544 Pages/$19.99
On-Sale: December 26 2008

Add Alison Goodman on MySpace for exclusive assets and EON updates:

Visit our YouTube page to see Alison Goodman read excerpts from EON and talk about the inspiration behind the book:

Be the first to follow Alison Goodman on Twitter!

you've officially been pitched. now go get the damn book so i can pretend i'm good at my job.


December 16, 2008



a clip from the premiere of LOST Season 5!

it's kiiiinda boring but still excites me. Michael Emerson is just SUCH a freaking good actor!


N.E.R.D - Sooner or Later - new vid!

the video is nothing special. the song isn't the strongest on the album but as i've said before, these guys can do no wrong in my book.

this is one of those circumstances where the single was probably chosen based on political activism. sorry pharrell - i appreciate the effort and want to have your babies and all but this would have been more relevant 4 months ago. i still love you though. chad too. shay can watch.


hockey: take 2

compliments of Charmaine Noel (via Kim) i scored some sweet ass tickets ($200 a piece) to the Rangers game. i mean, getting free tickets is already badass in itself but the fact that every seat on either side of us was vacant in a totally packed section just made it that much better. i like having some arm room to comfortably flair my limbs in drunken excitement. and i've never been to an event at Madison Square Garden before so it was nice to experience that.

so yeah basically i learned my lesson from the first hockey game i went to and thought it would be smart to go NOWHERE during over time. and here's the cool part...if there are no goals scored during overtime, it goes to a shoot off! if you loved the Mighty Ducks movies as much as i did, you would TOTALLY appreciate that.

so we get to the shoot off, 4 up, 4 goals scored. finally the captain of the rangers gets one in...yay! so now the pressure is on for the last guy up on the Hurricanes. needless to say, he blew it and the Rangers won. good times. i might be falling in love with hockey.


December 15, 2008

Deep Focus does the holidays...again

yeah so on thursday i attended my THIRD Deep Focus holiday party. that's right, i've been working at DF since i was 21...that might make me pathetic but i mean, what can i say...i get comfortable and i like to stay that way. OH and not to mention all the people i work with make my day to day life semi-awesome. just semi. but that's way better than not awesome at all, right?

basically, Ian is kind of the best CEO ever because he realizes that throwing a 4 hour top shelf open bar spectacular for a company where 98% of employees are in their 20s is just bound to be a drunken shit show and he's not only okay with that - it's encouraged. ohhhh Deep Focus, when i'm old and successful...i'll always think fondly of you.

and now i present you with the ever so poised, sophisticated and Harvard educated Kimberly Noel...who also happens to be my work Bestie...

classy bitch

it's funny because i was being serious about that classy and sophisticated stuff...


i like that

anybody remember Houston? anybody remember when Houston went insane and gouged his eyeball out? yuck, i shudder just thinking about that.

anyway, apparently Houston is relevant again as a vocal activist against inner-prison rape (um, really?).

oh Houston, you used to be soooo darn cute. now you're all angry looking and creepy glass-eyed out. boo.

it should also be noted that i once had a brief love affair with Houston back during my intern days and let me tell you, i should have seen the crazy from the start. instead of a "hey, you've reached Houston" message on his voicemail, it was him reading from the bible for like 5 minutes. first of all, that's creepy and second of all, who's going to listen to that whole god damn thing every time they want to leave a message. regardless, Houston only liked me for about a day anyway and then i was just stuck with his creepy manager calling me for the next couple weeks.


i still dig this jam.


crazy little thing called love

in what kind of sick universe does this happen?

babelicious Joan Holloway (Christina Hendricks) from Mad Men just got engaged to THIS guy?! it's fucking Karl Benson from Garden State. BARF.

as disturbed as i am by this terrible waste of a hot babe, it just goes to show that hot chicks always date less attractive dudes. in this case, MUCH less attractive. seriously, do you ever see a super super hot guy with a girl who's much less attractive than him? no. and on the rare occasion that does happen, it never works out. you just can't keep a hot guy tied down.

ladies, my advice to you - always date a guy who's equally or less attractive than you are. UNLESS you're Joan fucking Holloway. that's the only exception.


December 4, 2008

pug head tilt

why does this interest me? i have no idea. maybe it's the critter lover inside of me. maybe it's just stupidity.

seriously, what did people do before youtube?

Pug Owner: Oh man, you should see what I had the pugs doing the other day
Pug Owner's Friend: Yeah?
Pug Owner: Yeah, I'd ask them a question and they'd tilt their heads to the side. Then I'd ask them another question and they'd tilt their heads to the other side.
Pug Owner's Friend: ...
Pug Owner: Yeah it was hilarious
Pug Owner's Friend: ...


December 3, 2008

Prop 8: The Musical!

thank you Funny Or Die for always rounding up some funny folks for your videos. i mean, John C. Reilly is an Academy Award and Golden Globe nominated actor and Neil Patrick Harris is fucking Doogie Howser! these people could be home just relishing in their awesomeness but instead they take out a day to do this kind of stuff. love it!

See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die

gay marriage will fix our pathetic economy. brilliant!


November 25, 2008

harry potter talks peen

i saw footage of the naked scene in Equus a couple weeks ago and to be honest, i was slightly disturbed. never again did i want to see or think about harry potter's junk. not only was the whole package strangely disproportionate - it was just WEIRD seeing it on my beloved harry. ugh. gross.

lucky for me, Daniel Radcliffe is rather charming in this clip of Inside the Actor's Studio. he totally acknowledges his uh "situation" in a mature fashion and even finds a way to not be creepy when he says getting a boner on stage could be a good thing.

click here to see naked harry potter if you dare. don't say i didn't warn you.


November 24, 2008

popping my hockey cherry

between coming down from my Phillies high and realizing that the Eagles once again suck balls, i figured it was a good time to make my way to a Flyers game! actually, i'd be lying if i said it was my idea to go but regardless, i was more than excited for the opportunity.

i thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. the Wachovia center is really nice - feels pretty small inside but in a cozy, city of brotherly love kind of way. other bonuses include

-quick beer service
-short bathroom lines
-smoking area

the smoking area did come around to bite me in the ass however when i missed the winning play of the game. being new the whole hockey thing, we thought we had time for a quick cig before overtime. so ya know, we're just hanging out, smoking a cig when all of a sudden people start pouring out of the stadium.

the funny part is when we asked someone what happened they told us "So and So scored! woo!". now, i have absolutely no idea who that So and So was or what team he was on so after a quick scan of said person's outfit, it was safe to assume that So and So was indeed a Flyers player and that we just won the game. yay!


November 21, 2008

screw Prop 8, homo sex is great!

the guy in the pink reminds me how much i miss Homosexuwhales. stick him in a black shirt and he IS Donovan. when will Dog and Pony Show get their act together and do Episode 4. le sigh.

looks like that Jesus freak needs a hug. i call not "it".


November 19, 2008

song obsession of the day

Wreckless Eric - "(I'd Go The) Whole Wide World"

somehow got to watching Stranger Than Fiction this past weekend (which by the way, i liked much better watching it for the second time) and there's this super cute scene where god's gift to comedy Will Ferrell shows a softer side when his socially awkward character plays this song in Maggie Gyllenhaal's living room. the song's been in my head ever since.


November 18, 2008

new Rihanna video

i bring you this because

1. i'm a little bit gay for Rihanna
2. i appreciate Justin's cameo on SNL this past weekend
3. the song is just meh and SOMEONE needs to write about it


November 10, 2008

Puppies! Week 6

here we have Cooper and Phil - 6 weeks old! the video is kind of long and boring but there's a real cute shot of Phil shortly after the 3:00 minute mark.

i can't stand the cuteness...they're such little fluff balls!

Phil and Cooper from Sara Ott on Vimeo.

Phil (named for the Phillies) is the pup my parents will be keeping. and the puppies were born on THIS DAY so it's rather fitting.

the cute little black pup is still for sale. she's actually my fave. sweet and sassy. if i can find someone to buy her, JANICE will give me a percentage of the sale. so let's talk! k, thanks.


November 6, 2008

two dudes in a claw machine

what i want to know is how exactly the conversation went down which determined that Paul Rudd would be interviewed in a claw machine thinger

i don't think i've ever properly expressed my love for Paul Rudd. he's actually the screen saver on my work computer.

and good ole josh horowitz and i have a publicist/editor relationship. he's a really nice dude. good job, josh!

so i guess this is the part in the post where i have to tell you to go see Role Models because that's the only reason Paul Rudd is doing this "interview". in theaters tomorrow!

ps. don't be fooled - despite the cast, it's not an Apatow flick but it IS written by Paul Rudd <3


November 5, 2008


prior to the results coming in, i tried to go around the room and get a sense of why each person wanted this fantastic man to win. i didn't really generate any intelligent conversation but hey, we were a little drunk. what are ya gonna do?

we were in the middle of a riveting Apples to Apples game (one in which i happened to be winning) when we looked over and seemingly out of nowhere, the TV was telling us the 44th president of the country is Barack Obama.

and out came the champagne...

behold our smiling faces! these are the faces of people drunk on champagne who just witnessed an amazing part of history.


November 3, 2008

fun with math

as it stands, the polls and pundits are saying the current electoral college results are

OBAMA - 291
MCCAIN - 157
Undecided - 90

now, i'm no mathematician - in fact i don't even know how to spell that word, according to my spell check - but i'm pretty confident that 157 + 90 = not 270

270 is of course the magic number needed to win the election.

granted a number of the electoral college votes that have been "rewarded" to each candidate right now are from swing states with big enough leads to make an assumption so not all is said and done quite yet.

so on that note, i urge you to go vote tomorrow and invite you to my apartment for a results viewing party. champagne will be supplied. yay!

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