January 26, 2008

South Carolina Primary

ATTENTION SOUTH CAROLINIANS: You MUST MUST MUST get out and vote in the democratic primary today. ESPECIALLY if you're a young person.

i'm not sure if you remember a little thing called the 2004 election but the reason monkey brains Bush got into office is because SOOOOO many young voters could not take half an hour from their self-centered lives and try to do something for the greater good.

SO, if you need help registering visit http://www.rockthevote.org/

And if you're still on the fence about who you're supporting, here's a little awesomeness to help you decide.


January 24, 2008


yeah, i don't really know what to say about this. the title pretty much speaks for itself. it is what it is. that being hilarious wrapped in sexy wrapped in Banana Republic

so i grabbed my organic plankton...

see ya bitch, bye whore!


January 23, 2008


man, Leslie Feist has got some balls. in seemingly one take, that crazy bitch runs around dozens of fireworks all in the name of upping the ante since the video for "1,2,3,4". by the way, that video is SOOOOOOO Gym Night. you'll only know what that means if you went to Neshaminy high school so just trust me when i say that it is SOOOOOOO Gym Night.

here's the brand spanking new video from Feist for (my favorite Feist song) "I Feel It All"

if you're already a fan or this song and you've never seen the performance from Jimmy Kimmel, i suggest you do so here.


jerry o'connell is funny!

who knew Jerry O'Connell had such a sense of humor. Jerry just did a video for (will ferrell's) FunnyOrDie where he's imitating Tom Cruise's ridiculous Scientology video. if you haven't seen that video yet, i'll let you Google amongst yourselves because it's kind of a prerequisite for watching the clip below.

sometimes i miss the old Jerry. Fat Jerry. now he's all average-weighted and boning Rebecca Romijn - who isn't exactly my cup of tea but hey, she's a super model. and she's an awesome post-op tranny on Ugly Betty.

congrats Jerry, you've made it!


January 22, 2008

if you're morbid like me

i really shouldn't be exploiting such a mishaps but Defamer has a video of Heath's body being taken out of his apartment.

click here if you're a sicko




i mean, the Brad Renfro thing was sad but honestly...when was the last time he was in the limelight?

but HEATH LEDGER for christ sake? he's just your average New York neighbor who used to be totally hot (before the hair loss set in). we haven't even been able to criticize his Joker yet! oy vey. he'll probably win an oscar for it now and his itty bitty baby will go up to accept the award with tears in her eyes.

okay, jokes aside: RIP HEATH LEDGER


January 20, 2008

big girls need love too

ADELE - Chasing Pavements

if you're in the UK you will have the pleasure of being able to purchase this album tomorrow. i mean, i'm going to look for it here and all but something tells me i'll have a problem finding it.

check out the video for the first single "chasing pavements". normally i find it rather irksome when people can't come up with a different name for the album than the track that is going to be their debut. i mean it's just kind of lazy, right? then again, Adele doesn't strike me as the kind of girl who has spare energy or she would probably get her ass on a treadmil...okay i'm not one to talk so i'll stop right there.

anyway, listen to it twice and i dare you to not like it.

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