February 13, 2008

Virginia and D.C.

let me tell you a little story about a lame state called Virginia who had their primary yesterday.

first the facts (pay attention Ohio):

Total voters for all of GOP - 483,216
Total votes for Obama - 619,490

that means that in Virginia - a traditionally Republican state - Barack Obama received 136,274 MORE VOTES than both Republican candidates.

furthermore, Virginia has gone for GOP presidential candidates in the last 5 elections!

lame-o Virginia, i think i love you a little bit.

additionally, in a little place we call the District of Colombia - at the heart of U.S. politics - Obama received a whopping 75% of the vote blowing Hillary out of the water. that really has nothing to do with Virginia but it's a fun fact i wanted to share.


Dolce and Gabbana's new model

this "new model" for Dolce and Gabbana has been popping up in various blogs but nobody seems to know his name. maybe we don't really want to know his name. it could turn out to be Percy or some shit and that would be detrimental to his sexiness because let's face it, this man is pure sex. and nobody wants to moan "oh, Percy" during sex. ew.

but for all intensive stalking purposes, if you know his name please do share it with me.


Writers Rejoice

the Writers Strike is officially officially OVER.


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