June 19, 2008

Joe Cocker makes me laugh

because Joe Cocker's version of this song is the only Beatles cover i ever liked and because this video made me laugh out loud, i bring you this little ditty.

recorded at Woodstock in `69. edited by some tech-savvy stoners: date unknown.

Joe Cocker - "Little Help From My Friends"

(Closed captioned for the clear-headed)


jungle fever


June 17, 2008

yay, gay cali!

i am totally slacking on the posts lately but this is definitely worth taking the time to mention.

Del Martin, 87, and Phyllis Lyon, 84, who have been a couple for 55 years, were among the first same-sex partners to legally exchange marriage vows in California Monday.

these old ladies have been lgbt activists for over half a century. they have been persecuted since the 50s and even had to go through electroshock therapy! their commitment and bravery astounds me. these broads are truly amazing.

congrats Del and Phyllis!

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