August 19, 2008

Michael Phelps Facts

yay, i'm so excited this has surfaced. i was starting to feel bad about myself because i'm the only person who still gets a kick out of Chuck Norris facts. but now i can laugh unabashedly at Michael Phelps Facts because they're in-the-now.

Michael Phelps caught Moby Dick. He then let him go because he is just that awesome.

Every time you see a shooting star you are really watching Michael Phelps train in space.

Michael Phelps does not swim like dolphins; dolphins swim like Michael Phelps.

Once, when Michael Phelps swam the Atlantic and came across mermaids, one said to him “I thought you were just a myth!”

Aquaman wears Michael Phelps underwear.

Jaws beached himself once he heard the Michael Phelps theme music.


damn you Taylor

10 years ago, i was pretty convinced that i was the one for Taylor Hanson. and now that bitch is expecting his FOURTH baby at the tender age of 25. WTF?! who wants that many babies EVER let alone by the time you're 25.

The Hanson baby boom continues!

Taylor, the middle brother of the rock trio Hanson, and his wife Natalie are expecting their fourth child this winter, they tell People exclusively.

“Each of our kids has made life richer and more exciting,” gushed Taylor, 25, and Natalie, 26. “We can’t wait for this guy to join the party.”

Their little one will join six cousins, including two recent additions: Zac and Kate Hanson welcomed their first child, Shepherd, in May and Isaac and Nikki Hanson welcomed their second baby, Monroe, in July. (Isaac’s son Everett and Taylor’s previous kids – Ezra, Penelope and River – round out the bunch.)

This fall, the brothers will have their hands full as they set out on their recently-extended Walk Around the World Tour – with babies in tow. As Zac recently told People: “We may have to think about getting a second bus!”



August 18, 2008


fun little event from last month. blink and you'll miss me creeping around in my maroon shirt.

if you don't own any Havaianas, you can go buy some here:

seriously, do it. they're adorable!!

ps. this is what my work space looks like



Yearbook Yourself

talk about a fun way to kill time during your work day. go visit Yearbook Yourself right now and see how you would have looked over the years. pretty amusing.

um, is it bad that 1996 doesn't look too far off from how i actually looked? don't answer that.

as the Olympics wrap up and we bid farewell to the evil embassy that is China (i'll probably be assassinated for saying that), i'd like to take a moment to salute the beautifulness that is the male swimmer's body.

yeah, some of these shots aren't actually from the Olympics but they're hot and i can do whatever i want.

oh Michael Phelps. i don't care if you're secretly a dolphin dressed as a man, i'd totally do you if you wore a bag on your head.

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