August 29, 2008


hey sarah palin,

what are you going to do as VP?

ohhhhh...answer a question with a question, eh? what a good politician you are.


August 28, 2008

DNC - Day 3!

if this doesn't make you cry, you have no soul.


August 27, 2008

Little People never fail to amuse

sweet jesus, if this doesn't make you uncomfortable than i don't know what will.

the hair, the beard, the shirt, the michael jackson moves, THE BULGE! i don't even know what to comment on first. i think i'll just save my breath, kick back and enjoy. does this guy do bachelorette parties?


DNC - Day 2!

oh Hillary. in the past we've had our differences but last night you fucking rocked.

"to my sisterhood of the traveling pantsuits..."

"my mother was born before women could vote, my daughter got to vote for her mother for president. this is the story of america" GOD what a great line!

i also really like that all the speeches so far have touted gay rights. up until recently, political rhetoric has been very careful about walking the gay rights line. nobody wants to freak out the conservatives but they also don't want to lose the votes of the LGBT community. now the Dems are saying "fuck it" and i say "hell yeah!"


August 26, 2008


doesn't quite roll off the tongue like getting "Rick Rolled" but it's kind of clever. i often wonder who has the time and energy to composite these things.



Day 1 of the convention!

i'm not going to the lie, the whole Ted Kennedy bit got me a little choked up. regardless of his politics, it can't be argued that he is a fighter. and him being there against his doctor's orders and delivering the speech he did with so much conviction...let's just say, it was inspiring.

and hot damn, michelle obama! not that it matters, but this is the best i've seen her look. and she was so poised and confident! this is a first lady i can jump on board with. AND i had no idea her dad struggled with and died young from Multiple Sclerosis. MS hits VERY close to home for me and i can empathize COMPLETELY. go michelle!

Michelle Obama Speech - Democratic National Convention 2008

young people - i can't urge you enough to pay attention and get involved. everyone knows the country has gone to shit and it's not going to change if we continue to be a generation of apathetic, self-involved, douchebags. take a couple minutes to watch just ONE speech. or pick just ONE issue that affects you and see where the politicians stand. just give it a try!

alright, i'm done preaching now.


August 25, 2008


Sarah Haskins pretty much hits the nail right on the head in this clip. us women can be a lot of things these days - which means we're not exempt from also being stupid.


Flip Cup Nonsense

so the past two Thursday nights, the Deep Focus crew participated in an Agency Flip Cup tournament at Boss Tweeds (on the Lower East Side).

pros: free food, free booze, tons of fun
cons: getting slightly inappropriate in front of industry people, going to work the next day

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