September 5, 2008

insert foot in mouth

oh republicans. so so very retarded. no offense, Trig.


Penn State makes John McCain look less crappy

have to mention this post Best Week Ever did because my alma mater got a shout out.

BWE decided to poke a little fun at the ridiculous powerpoint presentation behind McCain at the RNC by doing a little thing called "10 Speech Backgrounds Designed To Make John McCain Look Less Pale"


The White Album - (GREAT ALBUM)

the dude from POWDER - (strange movie)

Abominable Snowman - (GREAT MOVIE!)

and best of all - a PENN STATE HOME GAME.

but just to be clear, not ALL of our home games look like this. only the special ones. i'm talking a game against Michigan (Ann Arbor is a whore), Ohio State or some other Big 10 university. we only bust out the WHITE OUT when it's time to get serious. and yes, that's what it's called. a "white out" game. memos are distributed. no joke. nobody wants to be the only asshole wearing blue during a white out game.

see them all HERE


September 4, 2008

my life-long dream wasn't as sexy as i imagined.

i just saw not one, not two but ALL THREE brothers Hanson.

oh my god. i don't even know where to begin.

the number of times i fantasized about this very circumstance happening when i was 13 had in no way prepared me for the actuality of what it would be like. i literally freaked out - i'm talking hands shaking, palms sweating, pitch of voice rising, co-workers looking at me like i'm insane.

here's how it went down:

lina and i were walking back from dunkin donuts - we're just about in front of our building when she gives me a hard jab to the ribs. "OW, WHAT?" i quipped and clearly blew it from the start. for it was Zac Hanson standing right next to us on his phone!


i couldn't believe what was happening so i did what any logical girl would do. i turned around and walked back to the corner, acted like i was looking for something there and then decided whatever i was looking for was not there, so i turned back so that i could re-walk past him.

yep, it was Zac Hanson alright. with long straight dirty hipster hair and really tight jeans.

so now lina and i are standing in front of the building with two other Deep Focus-ers who seem slightly alarmed that i'm incredibly, dare i say it, STARSTRUCK. then lina goes "oh wait, now he's with another one..."


reflexes like a cat, i spin around and it is no other than the man i was going to one day marry. TAYLOR HANSON. with a gorgeous mane of hair. seriously. like a lion.

le sigh. now i REALLY don't know what to do with myself. do i say hi? do i shamelessly ask to take a picture? i'm not wearing any make-up! this is not how i imagined it going down!!

finally, the third and eldest Hanson brother shows up. you know, the ugly one. turns out...he's not so ugly. shaved head. definitely working for him.

so now, with the trifecta complete i'm at a loss for words. then they begin walking into my building. "WE HAVE TO GO IN, WE HAVE TO GO IN. LET'S GO IN NOW!!" i scream, to which i receive blank stares from my co-workers.

FINE. i'll go it alone.

so here we are in my building's lobby. my beloved Taylor is confused by where to go and is being told what to do by one of the front lobby dudes. HERE'S MY CHANCE! i lingered slightly as i pulled out my ID. held it up to show the lobby dude. held it there a little longer than necessary and walked just slow enough for Taylor to turn and notice me. but alas, i couldn't make eye contact.

GOD i'm such a pussy. a normal sara would have been all "oh heyyyy taylor hanson!" or "hey, you're taylor hanson - have a nice day!". but nope. not this sara. this was a sara like i have never known!

all i could muster up was the balls to walk by him real close so my purse brushed against his bag. i might have smiled slightly but i'm sure it came off as a pained expression.

and then it was over. now all i have are my memories of the time i blew it. i still wouldn't give it back for the world.



baby licking

i CAN deal with Piper Palin...

i CAN NOT deal with looking at Bristol Palin for the next 4-8 years.

fatty. oh wait, she's not fat. just pregnant, engaged and underage. classy.

i CAN handle looking at the petrified face of Levi Johnston. watching him squirm uncomfortably last night was PRICELESS. poor kid. he's doomed. AND there's already an amazing blog that's popped up...

DAMMIT why didn't i think of that first!!! talk about a missed opportunity.



September 3, 2008

Milk Trailer

sara's attempt to not be political by posting a movie trailer, take 2!

Milk is the true story of Harvey Milk, America’s first openly gay man elected to office. The movie stars Sean Penn, Josh Brolin, Emile Hirsch, an adorable James Franco, Diego Luna, and Victor Garber.

oh wait, this film is based around politics. oh well i tried! there are hot dudes playing gay guys - that has to count for something.

sniff? sniff? do you smell that? it's called Oscar, baby. i heart Sean Penn. i also decided i really don't like Josh Brolin. he creeps me out. and i'm still pissed about that sack of garbage called No Country for Old Men



Zack and Miri Make a Porno - RED BAND TRAILER

my blog has gone a little too political with all this convention nonsense going on so let's switch it up a bit and post a movie trailer, shall we?

i chose this one because first and foremost, red band trailers rule. secondly, because having "porno" in a blog post guarantees a plethora of hits due to people searching for ya know, a porno. and lastly, i think that the dude from the office who was so hilarious in Pineapple Express will give an equally titillating performance in Zack and Miri Make a Porno.

see for yourself!


September 2, 2008

get this kid an agent

this kid does a spot on guido impression. i'm allowed to appreciate this because i'm italian and i was born in jersey. it's a miracle i don't have tacky highlights and 37 first cousins named tony.

check out how accurate the dance moves are. prepare to be amazed.

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