September 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Tegan & Sara

28 years ago today, the lovely Tegan and Sara Quin were born. yay!

oh and i have no idea what Pancake Mountain is...nor do i care...but the girls looking fucking hot here so i'm using the image anyway. i'm sure somewhere this picture is funny and makes sense. whatevs.


September 18, 2008

That's What She Said - over and over

any fan of The Office can appreciate this. it's a solid 4 and a half minutes of every single "That's what she said" joke back to back.

"they taste so good in my mouth..."


September 16, 2008

Tegan and Sara - NEW VID!

i'm kind of surprised the sisters Quinn went with this song as a single. it's not as catchy as "Back In Your Head" and not as all-around fucking awesome as "The Con" (that's my fave from the album, could you tell?) but don't get me wrong, i really dig this song. in the simplest terms, it perfectly outlines the confusion of a breakup and the lyrics are adorable but it also comes at the end of the album (The Con) and i always kind of thought of it as a closer...a little intimate ditty for the true fans, if you will. either way, here's the new video. sweet and simple - just like the song itself.

Tegan and Sara - "Call It Off"

the girls are doing the old switcheroo with the hair again. Nice to see Sara sans mullet and looking less emaciated. on the other hand, now Tegan looks like the bigger lesbian of the two. again. i can't handle the constant switching!! pick a look and work it.

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