October 3, 2008

what happened to Cedric Diggory?

Robert Pattinson was definitely the hottest part of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire but now he's looking a little rough around the edges. i mean, i'd obviously still bone him but then again, i don't have very high standards.

Pattinson is in some crappy new movie called Twighlight. it's sure to be frequented by hordes of 13 year olds who have nothing better to do yet i just can't bring myself to watch the trailer.

let me know if Cedric Diggory is resurrected in the last Harry Potter book - oh wait, NOOOOOOOO. still haven't come to grips with that whole harry potter being over thing. le sigh.


October 2, 2008

while i'm at it...

since today has been filled with critter conversations and because i recently found a shitload of my old pictures, i'd like to post a picture of a rodent who is still alive and kicking and i really hope i'm not jinxing him right now.

MARLEY the Guinea Pig circa 2006

his eyes aren't that evil looking...i swear!

better than a cat!


what a sad day for critters

first Rupert and now NIBBLER?!

when our office first moved from Brooklyn to Manhattan, gone were the days of people bringing their dogs into the office. it got a little lonely without the pets! but Ryan Kennedy - being the sneaky bastard that he is - found a way around this. i'm not quite sure the first day Nibbler arrived but i do remember the first time i saw him. ("is that a cage next to Kennedy's desk? is that A HAMSTER?!")

Nibbler made a great mascot. he was very easy-going, very polite and very soft. and i'm not just saying that! i've had a hamster or two in my day (RIP Penny Lane) and i have to say, Nibbler was one of the most well behaved rodents i've ever met.

Nibbler, you will be missed!


what the eff?!

no Rupert, noooooooooo!!

single tear...


blog makeover!

my lesbian hair is officially grown out now so i feel less inclined to use pink as a means of proving i'm still a girl. enjoy the new toned down, sophisticated (but still pink) color scheme.


Bambi's real!

everyone knows i have a soft spot for furry critters. unfortunately for said critters, my vegetarianism only last a few years, but it should still come as no surprise that i would not be able to resist the urge to post pictures of this precious little fawn.

meet Rupert

this adorable little nugget was born by C-section at some place in England (duh, only the Brits name things Rupert) after his mama was hit by a car. vets tried to save the mom but sadly she didn't make it. luckily we have pictures of this little guy to make us feel better about that situation.

he was born three weeks early and is only 6 inches tall! i want one!! it's going on The List.


October 1, 2008

don't vote

this is kinda ghey but jonah hill makes me laugh. oh yeah, and you should probably vote.


let's go penn state!

penn state is not too shabby this year. we're currently number 6! this is the best we've done since my senior year (Orange Bowl champs, bitches). i'm kind of a football good luck charm. with the exception of the eagles. fucking eagles...



September 30, 2008

Congrats Phillies!!

i'm a couple days late on this but i'm a busy lady.

congrats Philadelphia Phillies on winning the Division Title. sorry Mets. no actually, i'm not sorry. suck it.

Steph found a rally towel! i'm pretty sure she stole it from someone though...

and here's my superb video of the last play of the game:

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