October 30, 2008

phuck yeah!!



October 29, 2008

the next big thing

wtf Robert Pattinson? yes, you were a damn sexy Cedric Diggory and yes, i IMDb'd you as soon as i got home from the theater that night but that's where it was supposed to end. right there in 2005. you were supposed to fade away into the heavens of good-looking yet forgettable actors who make nothing of themselves.

now you come crawling out of the woodwork looking like a dirty sex fiend in that Twilight crap...fine. i can deal with that. lame-o tween horror flick? that sounds about right. do your tween heart throb thing and THEN you can continue your decent into that big actor's guild in the sky.

then today i come across THIS!

Salvador Dali? seriously? that's not tween crappy movie nonsense. i mean, granted i know nothing about this film and it could totally suck but playing Salvador Dali is a pretty big step up from a supporting role in Harry Potter or any role in Twilight.

oh Robert Pattinson, it's not that i don't want to love you. it's just - are you sitting down? it's just that you have major douche-face. i'm sorry but someone had to tell you. i'd still bone you though. call me. xoxo sara


October 28, 2008

what an atrocity!

okay so. i could use this time to list out all the injustice served to the Philadelphia Phillies during this 2008 World Series - from the umps and the rain to Pat Burrell's suckiness - but honestly, at this point, what good would that do?

so instead, i'd like to point out how unfair it is that my work limits me from getting home prior to 9pm. oh sure you're saying "but Sara, that's your choice, you're an idiot and you should be used to it" to which i would respond that you're absolutely correct. and normally, i'm okay with missing the first 40 or so minutes of the game.

what i am NOT okay with is that no one alerted me to the fact that none other than JOHN OATES' (and his `stache) would be performing the national anthem! had i been home on time, i wouldn't have to settle for this crappy youtube version of such a spectacular event.

apparently, Daryl Hall was scheduled for this but came down with the flu. luckily, the dashing and talented OATES stepped up to the plate. pun intended.


October 27, 2008

Be Don Draper

ever wonder how you can live the exciting and salacious life of a successful advertising executive on Madison avenue in the 60s?

Check out Don Draper's Guide to Picking Up Women

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