November 25, 2008

harry potter talks peen

i saw footage of the naked scene in Equus a couple weeks ago and to be honest, i was slightly disturbed. never again did i want to see or think about harry potter's junk. not only was the whole package strangely disproportionate - it was just WEIRD seeing it on my beloved harry. ugh. gross.

lucky for me, Daniel Radcliffe is rather charming in this clip of Inside the Actor's Studio. he totally acknowledges his uh "situation" in a mature fashion and even finds a way to not be creepy when he says getting a boner on stage could be a good thing.

click here to see naked harry potter if you dare. don't say i didn't warn you.


November 24, 2008

popping my hockey cherry

between coming down from my Phillies high and realizing that the Eagles once again suck balls, i figured it was a good time to make my way to a Flyers game! actually, i'd be lying if i said it was my idea to go but regardless, i was more than excited for the opportunity.

i thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. the Wachovia center is really nice - feels pretty small inside but in a cozy, city of brotherly love kind of way. other bonuses include

-quick beer service
-short bathroom lines
-smoking area

the smoking area did come around to bite me in the ass however when i missed the winning play of the game. being new the whole hockey thing, we thought we had time for a quick cig before overtime. so ya know, we're just hanging out, smoking a cig when all of a sudden people start pouring out of the stadium.

the funny part is when we asked someone what happened they told us "So and So scored! woo!". now, i have absolutely no idea who that So and So was or what team he was on so after a quick scan of said person's outfit, it was safe to assume that So and So was indeed a Flyers player and that we just won the game. yay!

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