January 27, 2009

only number 6?

don't act like the first thing to pop in your mind wouldn't be something dirty if you were asked to name something that "goes up"

more surprising than "mr. happy" being lower than number 2 is that Family Feud is still on TV. old people and housewives sure do have the life. sitting around all day, making food, eating food, keeping 1970s gameshows ratings up. lucky bastards.


Stains Hot Slut 2009 Campaign

Stains is putting Australian Shepherds on the map and i feel it is my duty to help which is why i'm officially appointing myself as Stains' campaign manager for the office of Hot Slut of the Year.

it's only January so ahead of us is a long hard year of keeping Stains relevant but i pledge to do my best.

first order of business, i created a Stains Facebook Fan Page. yup, that's right. #1 dork, right here. at your service. the amazing thing is, only a handful of the people fanning the page are my friends (who were forced to participate). the page hasn't even been up for 20 hours and it's attracting fans who are searching for Stains!


next order of business, Hot Slut of the Month. this is like the primary equivalent of a presidential election. if we don't get past this, all hope is lost.

stay tuned for information on voting. (no registration necessary!)


January 26, 2009

speaking of Aussie's

BuzzFeed has this precious little picture from Cute Overload.

One day, half of these puppies are going to have the psycho Stains stare.


Aussie's hit it big!

it's not often Australian Shepherds get any love which is why this clip is so exciting to me. and hilarious. Stains the Dog - you're my hero. next time i hear about you, i want it to be because you ate every freaking cupcake you could get your grubby paws on on and then died a happy dog.

and i thought Cody had a crazy psychotic stare. Stains puts Cody to shame!

UPDATE: Stains' star is quickly rising! a mere two days after becoming Dlisted's Hot Slut of the Day, Stains has moved up to HOT SLUT OF THE WEEK! this means that in a few short days, we have the opportunity to vote for Stains as Hot Slut of January 2009! keep your eyes peeled! do it for Stains! think of all the cupcakes that will be sent his way once he achieves national slutty stardom. serves his owners right! my parents give their Australian Shepherds a cupcake for every one of their birthdays. true story.

move over Spaghetti Cat, Stains for HOT SLUT 2009!

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