February 11, 2009


Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler. Charlize Theron in Monster. can you tell who's who?

luckily Charlize actually looks like THIS where as Mickey actually looks like THIS. and yes, Mickey is a front runner for the Academy Award for this role but until he actually wins it, Charlize is still in the lead for winning the Best Actress Oscar for Monster.

good luck Mickey! stop making out with Evan Rachel Wood. she sucks.



in preparation of tonight's LOST, i'd like to share a little recap of last week's episode. presented below is Lost Untangled Episode 504. these recaps put all the nonsense of last week into a bite sized recap that's easy to digest. through the use of action-figures of course. kind of humorous, kind of helpful. best of both worlds.

personal side note: Sayer in Season 5 = less attractive, more annoying. FAIL.


February 10, 2009

Why Your Dog REALLY Goes Outside

now ya know!

and how have i not seen this until now?! that hot ass australian shepherd could give Stains a run for his money. and since we're on the topic, congrats to Copyright (Laci's papa, Crosby and Molly's grandpapa) for taking best Aussie at Westminster yesterday. beating out 35 other dogs!


Big Jon Runyan

Big Jon Runyan has thinner thighs than me. i should probably go kill myself.

insecurities aside, i've always loved Jon Runyan and this commercial gets an appreciative giggle out of me every time. not laugh out loud funny, just appreciation funny.


trampolines get foxy

this video starts off with two foxes in a playful brawl. next comes a look of realization as they both stop and notice they're no longer on solid ground. then the one fox, gives the trampoline a whirl - and he's pretty good! it usually takes me an extra 2 minutes to really get my trampoline legs. finally, the bouncing fox gets bored with such mundane human toys that he decides to have at it with his buddy again. psh, what do foxes know anyway?

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