March 6, 2009


this past week i fell in love with the indie Irish musical Once. i was familiar with the film because it won an Academy Award for best song a few years ago and i was like, "who the hell are these adorable little foreigners?! i want one!"

yes yes, it's a musical (blerg) but the lead, Glen Hansard is actually an artist (of the Irish rock band The Frames) and not technically an actor and let me just say he is GOOD. prior to viewing i basically knew nothing about the film or the actors (aside from the adorable Oscar-winning thing) and about two minutes into it i was completely captivated by Glen. he's one of those singers that's so passionate, you can't help but be drawn in - even if the songs suck (which they don't).

the other lead is this insanely talented Czech singer/songwriter/multi-instrument player that you just want to keep in your pocket. she was only 17 in this movie annnnd she is the youngest recipient of an Oscar in the best song category. seriously, she's fantastic. you just want to like, share a cup of tea with her.

video below is clips of the movie set against the winning song

or check out the trailer HERE.



i disagree, Phoebe Price

every man should get one good bitch slap from his girlfriend at some point in the relationship. it's inevitable that they'll do something to warrant said bitch slap. but remember, girls, it only takes one to get your point across. don't go crazy.

see words of wisdom from Phoebe Price in the clip below.

don't ask me who Phoebe Price is. nobody knows. Phoebe Price doesn't even know. i kind of dig the name Phoebe though. i think children are disgusting but if i was ever to accidentally get pregnant and i decided to keep it and it was (god forbid) a girl, i think i'd name her Phoebe. Phoebe Ott. sounds absolutely terrible but i'm okay with that.


March 5, 2009

fuck you, Rihanna

seriously, Rihanna? we all saw the pictures of you hanging out with Chris Brown at Diddy's house. sad. you will never be able to release a successful album ever again because i'm pretty sure even the little girls that look up to you are smart enough to know that you're a fucking retard. i'll be damned if my little sister ever thinks you're cool.

i vowed before to stay out of this nonsense because it's personal and people need time to get their lives back together but i can't stand for Rihanna setting a bad example for my baby sis.

again, i'm refusing to post the details from the GRUESOME police report but i'd like to say:

attention all douchebags: if you ever EVER do that kind of thing to any of my friends, i WILL chop your balls off.

Rihanna, you are WAY too good for this nonsense. please get your act together and make a stand for domestic violence.


March 2, 2009

poor pup

i'm not sure if all dogs do this but i've definitely seen one of my parents' 35 million dogs twitch around chasing squirrels in his sleep. he was also the only one of their dogs to ever have a seizure. this may or may not have anything to do with his sleep twitching...anyway, i digress...

this dog definitely takes dream twitching to a whole new level. i hope his head is okay...

Sleeping Dog Runs Into Wall - Watch more Funny Videos



via $Ries at FREEwilliamsburg

disclaimer: i would normally never EVER link to any hipster assholes over at FREEwilliamsburg but i'm making an exception for my friend and colleague, Brian.

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