March 12, 2009

bone-able guy of the day

32 songs in 8 minutes! how cute is this guy? i want him.

songs include those from The Beatles, Tenacious D, Aladdin, Michael Jackson, Gorillaz, Chris "leave britney alone" Crocker and Pokemon!


March 11, 2009

new trailer, same old city

here's the new trailer for The Mysteries of Pittsburgh. i think my coworker said it best when her response to this was "gives a good effort at making shitsburg look interesting. NOT."


March 10, 2009


i never realized i had a weird frog obsession until this past summer/fall when i happened upon 3 frogs over the course of a month. not only did i see them, i caught them. one was actually in distress so i moved him somewhere safe. had i known animal hospitals were frog-friendly, i would have taken him! actually, that's a lie. it was late and i was getting home from a long day of work. oh well.

kudos to the vet tech who clearly had no greater animals to save and put a little effort into Mr. Hoppy here.

(via Best Week Ever)


March 9, 2009

chubby monkey

in keeping with my "animals that i thought were cute - now realizing they're not" theme, i bring you this disgustingly fat monkey. now, monkeys are pretty big assholes already so me thinks if i found this bugger in MY backyard, i'd shit my pants.

seriously, spider monkey, i too like italian food but COME ON. have some decency. eat a salad once in a while.

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