April 9, 2009


okay okay seriously, the blogging has been majorly lacking and to be honest, it's not going to get better.

for starters, my skanky little sister got me sick and my head is too doped up on allergy medicine (seriously, that shit is a cure all) to write coherent sentences.

second, i'll be away this weekend and due to sleep deprivation, probably not properly functioning again until at least tuesday night.

and finally, i just got a BRAND NEW CAR - (which already got fucked up yesterday by some rogue highway debris...i will not cry again, i WILL NOT CRY AGAIN!) - and i'm not entirely sure how to drive it yet because it's a stick shift. luckily i'm having a grand old time learning how and i've got a wonderfully patient man-friend teaching me the ropes. only once did he go "oh god, OH GOD..."

ANYWAY. i'll leave you beautiful people with a few things that made me laugh today.

1. duct taping a baby to a wall: because that's what i would do should i ever be unfortunate enough to have a life come out of my vag.

2. BWE Presents 50 Animals that are Huge Sluts: because dogs like to get laid too.

3. Baby Orangutan and his Bulldog Caretaker: because of all the primates, i have a soft spot for orangutans - ginger haired or not. they're not assholes like chimps and bonobos. at least not to my knowledge, so let's keep it that way!

Happy Passover and Happy Easter everyone!

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