April 22, 2009

this melts my heart

all i know about this video is that it's "The PS22 Chorus of 2009" singing Coldplay's Viva La Vida, the soloist's name is April, and it's the most pleasant thing i've ever laid ears on. i don't even normally like this song but i can't stop listening!

you have to actually watch the whole thing through at least once too. the closed eyes, the head swaying, the heart clenching...GAH! i can't take it. AMAZING!



john mayer is getting on my nerves

back when my future ex-husband John Mayer was a newbie in the biz, he dated Jennifer Love Hewitt. she's pretty lame and talentless enough that when he was quoted saying she's not good in bed, it was pretty awesome. this seemingly nice guy who writes sissy rock music totally dissed a 90s queen. kudos.

a dozen hollywood relationships later, John hasn't grown up any. and as if the on again off again nonsense with Jennifer Aniston wasn't already annoying, he's now yapping about how she was "clingy".

one minute they're talking about how much mutal love and respect they have for one another, next minute she's clingy and he's a twitter-o-holic. it's just publicity desperation at this point and to be frank, it's making my job of defending my beloved John Mayer even harder than it already was.


2002 John Mayer dissing JLove = AWESOME
2009 Serial Dater John Mayer dissing JenAn = DESPERATE

ironically, the only ex john has ever stood up for was Jessica Simpson AKA the most annoying person in the world. figures.

now i leave you on this happy hump day with a video of me in my awkward years getting down at a john mayer concert.


April 21, 2009

random cuteness of the day

this appears to be a lemur of sorts. i think. actually, i have no idea what this is but if you know, please contact me. i want one.

i bet this guy turns into a terrible gremlin when splashed with water...i'm willing to take my chances.

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