May 21, 2009

the quest for a ginger kitteh

i like these ginger cats. now what's my next step? i'm a dog person. all i know is dog breeder protocol. kitteh catz? no clue. shelter? craigslist? chinese restaurant? help!


May 20, 2009

pa-pa-pa-poker face


Where do even I begin? First, there's the Criss Angel factor but I won't even go there because the only person who likes Criss Angel is this guy. Next, while I am aware that there are people in this world who are into vampire culture and that there are also people in this world who like Lady GaGa in all her space costume terribleness, what I was NOT aware of was the fact that these two seemingly different lifestyle choices/preferences/bad decisions/whatever could be tangled into the same person. What a wonderful world we live in. Lastly, I know there are fake vampire nails or something in the equation but this guy has really long fingers, right?


Lennons all around!

i often wonder of the relationship between Lennons, Julian and Sean. Sean is kind of a d-bag and the apple of John's eye. Julian had one hit song and a father who didn't care much for him. yet here they are chumming it up.

there is seriously no denying that either of these guys came from John Lennon. and both look as much like their mothers as they do their father. except Julian has a little Eric Clapton in him too.

speaking of Beatles...

I'm in the market for a pet but the apartment I'm moving to won't let me have a doggie on the top floor and the boyfriend is being a big cry baby about any long haired critters so I might settle for a nice little tabby cat. A nice little tabby cat named Paul. As in Sir Paul McCATney. It took me 20 minutes to convince lover that I was being serious and another 20 to make him roll with it. Honestly, is a cat named Paul THAT strange? I think it's pretty awesome. And I think it would be awesome if someone out there could hook me up with a free kitty. Preferably a ginger so I can passive aggressively torment him. And don't say "awww that's mean" because it's a god damn cat. You know he's thinking some snarky shit when he's observing us humans and our mundane lives.

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